Narratives 4/10/12:

Nick shared a great allegory to lead into this month’s topic. He spoke of a 1955 Japanese murder drama that used four different points of view. The movie showcased 4 separate people involved with the murder in some way. The conclusion of the movie ends with the truth being unknown because it is through each person’s point of view.

This captured a few things that we see present in social media today.

  • The relativity of stories is very present
  • Emotional connection can be more powerful than objective information
  • Narratives are a powerful device because we love stories as people

Nick also shared his point of view as the spokesperson of a few of a social media channels and how he uses narratives to drive home topics and get people involved in our brand.

Elaine and others spoke of the importance of typography in affecting voice and tone in an online world and how that changes narratives. Some examples on font examples such as Helvetica, Garamond, and other were given as examples used to affect the narrative.

Elaine also brought about the significance of creating a storyline that was meaningful to business objectives. For example, Creature put together this campaign for Starbucks to show the giving spirit during the holidays of the coffee giant. http://www.welcometocreature.com/starbucks

She also shared the story of Umpqua Bank, (also a Creature project) who caters towards small businesses, and had children set up lemonade stands as a business loan to encourage a family and community atmosphere. http://www.welcometocreature.com/umpqua/

Maurine also mentioned a great resource that takes agencies to task on their creatives. Here is the link.


Until next meeting.



The Science of Social Timing

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What is Data Mining?

Content may be king, but its data is queen. Data Mining explained in coherent (non-statistician) way.



Mobile App Revenue Comparisons by Market

A comparison of mobile app revenue by marketplace (overall scope of all apps sold in that marketplace)



IAB notifications: They can be sent to you!

Want updates on the guidelines from the IAB? Of course you do. Here is the link.

Thanks Julie.

-CAL for JP


Seth Godin's Blog

Cool reference that Julie let me know about. It is mostly about marketing, but also have a very philosophical tone to it.

- CAL for JP


Interesting Article: 4 Potential Crashers of Social Media

Great article that Nick was kind enough to share. I know we all love social media, but it is important to examine threats to it as well. There are some great points in here.

- CAL for NV


SMC Event for March Recap

Can’t remember the event or didn’t go? No worries, I got your back. Attached is a link to some of the slides shown. Warning: Data and analytics are involved.



SMC Seattle Event for March

Here is an event that I think would be really cool to go for our little group. It’s a great place to meet with like-minded and cool individuals.